Crystal W. – student, writer, poet

This started out as an autobiographical play but then the world stopped when covid entered our lives. I created this blog because I know there are many others out there that can relate to my personal experiences. I was born in small North Carolina town, raised in New York City’s sixth borough, “educated” in Westchester, NY and schooled in Manhattan. Having lived this type of life, I was taught indirectly to adapt differently in various environments. Due to this, I realized I never knew my true identity and the consequences from that impacted my life in ways I’m still reconciling. I can say looking back at my childhood, my parents valued socialization heavily. As a Black woman living in America, this had a profound influence on my development. This blog is meant to relax, relate, and release energies. My hope is to start a community where other Black folks feel comfortable expressing their shared experiences.

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